Cream (Brooklyn, ny)

Kalim Hector Theophilus Miller [b. September 20th, 1990] also known as "Cream", is an American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur & and occasional actor born in Brooklyn, NY. His style of music varies from one of a hubristic nature to that of a civil rights leader's temperament. Often times utilizing a style self-described as "Politico Rap", Cream dives into topics of life at a level which he calls "subconscious" rap, or aspects of life that most artist dance around / don't talk about. Influenced by artists the likes of Jay-Z, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G. (NY Legends), his mix of "dope" lines, memorable AND original quotes, as well as his complexity of flows allows Cream to fulfill a unique niche: a NY lyricist other's can respect, while still appealing to a commercial audience. 

His "Syzygy-The Collective" is half consulting firm, half freelance staff; they help underground & established creatives as well as businesses, productions & publications with brand development/event planning and we help those same people book jobs & staff their events with staff we pay. 

This massive conglomerate houses artists & industry professionals ranging from opera singers to rappers & producers to graffiti & abstract painters to political & social bloggers to clothing lines; with an ever-expanding array of fields, Syzygy-The Collective seems to be the next-generation of a self-sufficient lifestyle brand. 

"Everybody wins and everybody eats." 

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Cream's new video, "Even Tho" featuring RB is available now on Youtube. [Watch Here]

Cream - "Freer"

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Cream - "Mimosa Mornings"

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Cream - "TMWYW (Tell Me What You Want) Freestyle"

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Cream - "Serve Crack For What (Ft. DJ Zeke)"

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