mikejack (bowie, md)

Born in DC raised in PG County MD Mike Jack was introduced to music at an early age. With a few older cousins in gogo bands and a mother in the church choir, music was a pivotal piece of his daily ingestion. By 12 he was the keyboardist in a band with his middle school friends and had stated producing in his own. By college, 2008, him and his homie AJ were producing in the Hollis Hall dorm at SJU in QUEENS and starting cyphers with Cream RB and a lot of other talented artists on the come up. 
After a couple years in a rap duo with AJ back in MD, Mike Jack took his talents back to NY in 2014 to pursue a solo career where he produced his first mixtape “The Conscious Airhead”. This tape featured songs like Turf and Moor Than which by Jan 2015 went on to make the Team Backpack blog creating a nice buzz for Mike. Within those 2 years ‘14-‘15 Cream RB Mike and Shanna Gi joined together to create PMC and Don’t Forget the Henny which was a promotion campaign meant to increase the following of these 4 individual artists. That movement turned into a powerful super group and both the following and the chemistry between the 4 continues to grow. 
Mikes most recent project HTGR was released in the summer of 2017 giving an audio depiction of his introduction to NY and what it takes to really make it in NY. By using old school 90s beats true to NY and combining that with his unique flow, he successfully brought 2017 back to the 90s. That project earned him performance slots on Major Stage at The Paperbox and Sunnyvale but Major Stage interest doesn’t stop at Mike Jack, on October 5th PMC had their first headlining show courtesy of Major Stage at the Paperbox where they shut it down! Keep your eyes open for what’s next for Mike Jack and the rest of PMC

Email: ThatMikeJack@gmail.com 

Twitter & Instagram: @ThatMikeJack


MikeJack's "Sunday Smoke" Music Video is available now on Youtube. [Watch Here]

MikeJack - "Walkin' Dead"

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MikeJack - "Get Down!"

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MikeJack - "Cloudy"

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MikeJack - "Today's Science"

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