RB (Brooklyn, ny)

RB (Randy Bradley) [born. June 3rd, 1990] is a Hip-Hop lyricist from Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. Through his word play and conscious delivery, he solidifies that he isn't a product of his environment but can still relate to those enduring the struggles of where he resides, being influenced during his youth by artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and Eminem. As 1/4th of the music group PMC (Powerful Minds Combined), RB establishes himself as a voice for those who are eager to "stay woke" and change the dynamic of society with an blunt approach and the ability to finesse. 

Other than presenting himself as a "punchline rapper", RB uses an alias known as "Punchline" to fuel the foundation of his mixed drink brand Punchline Punch. With some new insight on mixology, it is slowly becoming a common name amongst the party scene through events with businesses such as Black Panties TV and Sammis Goodies as well as being featured on The Spilled Tea Podcast, Unwifeable Podcast and "Sex Talk With AK".

RB is a man of many talents that include spoken word, childhood education, and dance. Above all else, the act of spreading wisdom, positive influence and self confidence to our youth has proven to be a priority in his eyes. It drives tenacity behind the reality of his music and the strength behind the truths of his story. So be prepared to listen. To contact him for bookings and inquiries, please email him at DreamDrivenMusic@gmail.com.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @Punchlinezrb


RB's lastest music video "On Pitkin", is now available on Youtube. [Watch Here]

RB - "Headbuss"

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RB - "Writer's Block"

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RB - "Plug Talk"

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RB - "Cannabliss (Ft. Mike Jack)"

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